What is it?

HES Reads is a reading challenge for grades K-5. To complete the challenge students must read 20 books from the provided reading lists during the course of one school year. In grades 4-5 the student must read the book independently and in grades K-3 the books can be read to the child or independently.


How does it work?

The HES library will have copies of all the books, when a student finishes a book they will need to have a parent signature and the title of the book recorded on the HES Reads reading log (link on the main HES Reads page) Please print out the reading log or pick up a copy from the library.

Celebration Structure


Reading logs will need to be verified by Ms. Grugett or Ms. Ries in order to receive prizes.


HES Reads Reading Log

Reading Challenge Grades K-3

Reading Challenge Grades 4-5