Get Involved - Volunteer!

Heritage Elementary needs volunteers to support all the wonderful activities, events and programs that make our school the best in the district!  Follow the steps below to get started!

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Step 1: Complete your volunteer background check 

If you wish to volunteer at Heritage Elementary for the school year, you must complete the HES Volunteer Application.  You must resubmit this every year. 

Step 2: Submit the volunteer opportunities form

Click the Volunteer Opportunities button below and someone from the HES PTO will contact you.



 Record Volunteer Hours

 Heritage Elementary gets credit for every single minute of volunteer time which is why reporting your time is so important.  We keep track of your volunteer hours when you are actually at school based on when you sign in and out of the volunteer log.  Please make sure you sign in as a VOLUNTEER and not as Visitor so we will see your entry!  

We need for you to keep track of your off-site volunteer time which are called HOME HOURS.  We will send out a reminder at the end of each month to make sure and report these hours but you can record them during any time in the month.  

 Please click the button below to submit your volunteer hours.